Who benefits from a reading?

Anyone and everyone will benefit from a reading. The beauty of location astrology is that as you move, your map changes. Depending on where you live or where you are traveling, different aspects of your personality will transform or be accentuated. Each city you visit carries a different lesson, or shadow meant to be worked through. Many times my clients will have a certain feeling about a location, only for their astro map to confirm that hunch. I have given readings for entrepreneurs looking to expand their business to new markets, millennials who want to take a year off and travel, a couple considering a work relocation, those making career changes, looking for love, and fresh starts.

Do I need my exact birth time?

Yes, exact birth time is very important. If your birth time is off, even by just 10 minutes, this will affect your map. In most cases, you can order your birth certificate, or contact the hospital and inquire about your birth records. If these options are not available, natal chart rectification is an option. For more information on this, please e-mail me and I’ll send you some recommendations.

How is ASTRO/CARTO different from other forms of astrology?

Your ASTRO/CARTO consultation will be different from other astrology readings due to the spatial, geographical focus. During our reading we will touch on personality characteristics from your birth chart, but only as they pertain to location. For example, moving to a particular city could change your rising sign, making you appear more outgoing and charismatic. ASTRO/CARTO is not intended to be predictive, nor focused on transits. Transits will only be mentioned as they pertain to favorable times to travel or move.

How do I book a consultation?

Please visit the main page or book tab to schedule your consultation. On the day of your consultation you will receive a summary of your best locations along with PDF copies of your custom maps. After the consultation, you’ll receive a recording of the call. For special request readings or follow ups please reach out via e-mail.

Will I need a follow up?

Once you have your map, you are all set. However, many clients prefer to have a follow up call, as they may have traveled to an area, just moved, or have more questions surrounding a particular aspect of their consultation. Follow-ups are 30 minutes and are available under the book tab.