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Locational Astrology

Locational astrology, or astro-locality, is the science of putting astrological information into physical action. Grounded in the idea that as we move through space, our birth charts and personal characteristics are impacted, locational astrology finds the best places around the world that emphasize our unique personalities, while also supporting our goals.


 Anyone can benefit from a locational astrology consultation. Whether you would like a deeper understanding of how your current environment impacts you, or you want to relocate. Many times we are inexplicably drawn to a certain location or culture. Chalk it up to past lives or planetary energy, a consultation can bring clarity. Let’s find the places that will bring you:

  • Self-Discovery

  • Travel

  • Community

  • Career Opportunity

  • Love

  • New Business Markets


In an ASTRO/CARTO reading, you will receive a holistic look at all things related to place through the analysis of different astro-locality charting techniques. Each technique highlights a facet of the relationship between individual and space.


Made famous by Jim Lewis in the 1970s, AstroCartoGraphy is the process of projecting the natal chart onto a world map. Through this mapmaking technique, we find specific regions across the globe that influence your unique planetary chart. The main focus being, how your unique astrological information influences your experience in a city.


Geodetics is another form of astro-locality mapping. Through this mapping system, we discover how the environment’s planetary energy impacts you.

local space

Considered the Feng Shui of astro-locality mapping, local space technique gets specific. With this system, we look at everyday life and habits taking note of how small adjustments spatially can create big changes in your environment.

Chinese i’ching

An ancient philosophical taxonomy for understanding self, cartography, and the “tao of nature” or way of the world. Through this system, we identify how to approach challenges in your chart, and situate yourself in the best location possible.


“Everything you need to know you have learned through your journey”

paulo coelho


Goal of Astro/Carto

When we leave our comfort zone and take risks in a new environment, we learn as much about ourselves as the people, places, and situations we encounter.

Through the lens of locational astrology, you do not need to make a drastic move to begin your journey. There are many ways to tap into locations that bring career clarity, love, recognition, and creativity. Whether that be taking a week-long trip, volunteering for a cause, or incorporating new cuisines and cultures into your daily routine.

It is never too late to course correct or ask for more support from your environment. Especially in today’s world of constant distraction, an ASTRO/CARTO consultation can provide you with the space and time to question where you are in life, and if this location is serving you and your greater purpose.

My role is to present options, and provide the framework for your next leap. While my maps may identify certain areas to live, work, or play, they are never meant to replace your own personal intuition and free agency. My goal with ASTRO/CARTO consultations is to bring that same sense of fun, wanderlust, and big adventure to self-understanding.